Web Agency

You can use EditArea as a tool for the creation of a site for your friends or customers.

You will be able to make your pages, choose the images, the communication and the structure for the site and deciding with full autonomy how much and how to get paid for this activity.

  • Sites creation
Create a site for your customer direttamente directly from the site management page
You will be given 30 days to modify it in "restricted site" mode (visible only through authentification).
You can then click on "start evaluation" in the site's details, from that moment the site will be public and you will have 10 days to activate the subscription from the administration pages of the site itself.

After 30 days from creation or 10 from the start of the evaluation, the site won't be accessible any more.
You will be given 30 more days to activate a subscription, after which, if not activated, the site will be permanently removed.

  • Users management
From the details of the site you've created you can manage the site's users and hence create users for your customers.
You can give to every user the "role" of "editor" for his site, thus allowing him to modify its content.

  • Site signature
you can decide the "signature" for every site you create. You have 3 different choices that lead to different percentages on the subscription value:
  • "made in editarea"
    classic form, the site only has a reference to EditArea.
    You will receive a 25% credit on subscription and 10% on renewals.
  • "by yourName - made in editarea"
    in the signature there is a reference to both EditArea's site and yours.
    You will receive a 25% credit on subscription and 10% on renewals.
  • "by yourName"
    no reference to EditArea.
    No link to our site implies the cancellation of the percentages on the subscription of that site.
The choice on which signature to show (and hence which percentage to get) can be made until the "evaluation start" or the activation of the site.