Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Do I need to sustain an initial cost to become an affiliate?
    No, affiliation does not imply any entry fee, EditArea's team reserves the right to close the cooperation with an affiliate in the case of unfair behaviour or in any case by their unquestionable judgement, keeping faith with previous economic agreements in case there have been.
  • Can I have an exclusive for my zone?
    We don't adopt these policies since EditArea is a completely online product for which selling is not localisable.
  • How can I verify that the credits for sites that have entered my code have been accrued to me?
    it's very simple: from the site management you can see the situation, updated in real time, of the sites created via one of the methods described in the "how it works" section.
    You can test at any moment the system by making the same actions that the final user makes.
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