Advertising EditArea on your site is very simple:
choose the sizes for the banner you want to insert and copy the chosen banner's code into the pages of your site.

Every subscription that will be purchased from an user coming from your site will imply the granting of a credit of the 25% of the user's chosen profile.

To identify users coming from your site we use cookies hence it's not necessary that the user registers in the same session coming from your site, he can register and make the purchase even after many days and will be recognised as yours all the same.

For obvious privacy reasons we can't give you any data on sites created by users that come from your banners.
You can anyway verify the procedure at any time by creating a trial site (after clicking on our banner from your site), you will see it pop up in the list of your sites.

Insert now the banners on your site:
The content of the banners' communication will be managed by da EditArea and will vary depending on active promotions, in order to aim to the common objective and maximise visits.