Promo code


The promo code is a personal code of yours that allows us to link you to your customers and to accrue the percentages you are due from the sites they will activate.

The use of the promo code to get customers close to EditArea is very simple:
- you can send it via email to acquaintances and customers,
- you can create a page on one of your sites explaining its advantages
- you can tell it offline.

Tou can see and change your code directly from your Profile page.
We suggest a simple and easy-to-remember code in order to be easily recalled by the recipients.

Your potential customers can use your promo code to activate  their evaluation site from:
Free Trial

In the email message for the activation of their site they will be prompted that, thanks to you, they will be given, if they purchase a subscription, one extra month free.
Any subscription he chooses, it won't last 12 months but 13 that equals to an approximately 8% discount.

For every site activated via your promo code you will receive 25% on activation, and 10% at each renewal.