How it works


The EditArea reselling and affiliation program is addressed to companies, professionals and private individuals that wish to create or enlarge their Web business.

Affiliation does not require any entry fee or costs.
Earning with EditArea is very simple and fast and ensures an income in time.


You can earn with one or more of the following ways:

- Banner
- Promo code
- Web Agency


  • How to accrue your credit

Every site activated by customers that have reached us via one of your banners, your promo code or sites you create directly immediately implies the awarding of a credit of the 25% of the subscription fee for the first year and of the 10% of the subscription for the following renewals.

Credito is calculated on subscriptions only and not on additional services. 

  • Credit collection

Periodically you can emit an invoice or a credit note for your credit, on the condition that the accrued credit is at least 100€.